Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reality Check #1

Life does not always deal us the best cards so to say. Starting today I am I guess in a I don't really give a fuck about the past.. the only think I want from my past to go with me is memories. I have changed my thought process.

I hate this saying I am about to say right now.... There is a silver lining to every dark cloud!!

DON'T YOU ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME! It is true. Okay for me it is true.

I am not going to sit around and pout about what I cannot have vs what I have had.. Because let me tell you the good times outweigh all the bad that has ever happened in my life, even my daddy's death. I am blessed. At times I feel as if I am not worth the fight or anything at that matter.. But I tell you one thing I would not trade my life for nothing in the world..

My health is something that I am after to set straight. I have so much love in me that I try to not see that bad, no I am not looking at the world from rose colored glasses. I am looking at it from a "Reality Check" that I have received.

Ladies, when you love, Love with everything that you have in you. Don't just love because it is something to do. Let go, Let all of it out, Let your guard down. Allow yourself to be loved. I will tell you a little secret..... (come a little closer) I allowed myself to be loved for the first time in my life.. I really let go and it felt soooooo wonderful. Even when the relationship ends, the love still goes on between both partner's?? NOW that shit is LOVE! I have NO regrets, NO hate and above all NO anger!

So ladies and gents.. Life is not really bad.. Sometimes it is the choices that we tend to make that FUCKS it up! lol

Okay excuse me while I go and beat my head against the wall.. Cause I am trying to get through the Shock of my life then I will end up seeing the silver lining ! :P lol

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