Monday, September 7, 2009

A Bunch Of NOTHING!!!

First off let me say, I am sorry I have not been to your blogs! This apology goes out to the ones that really count in my life. I am sorry that, I don't get to chat and talk to you all like I normally do. It is not that I want it to be like this It has to be because I am still getting use to being in a different zone.

Okay lets pass the apologies and go to, I have missed a lot of you all.. I will be at your blogs before I head back to Cali tomorrow! but at this point I have to aire out and or vent.. can I do this for a min? If you said NO I am going to do it anyway!!

I want you all to know that I am fine, I promise.. I think I have had to say this many times. NO need to send emails.. I am away from the computer a lot due to just moving to California that is all. I promise to you I AM FINE! Shit I think better than Fine I just stepped on the scale this morning and I was 6lbs lighter, I don't know where it left from because I sure cannot fit until my jeans... Im just saying!! Anyway I am good....I did not run away and get married, but incase you went out and bought me a gift for me save it, I am sure I will be marrying Someone in Hollywood soon! ie..Denzel Washington.. Oh I have a list of them I could marry at anytime..

On the last post I said I had a surprise to tell ya but since it was so long ago I will just say I am taking Acting Classes, SO I just may end up on a commercial really soon or maybe just straight on the Red Carpet!! lol I am trying to keep busy, keep my mind off of things and finally just being ME!

I don't have a lot to say this time, I am going back to Cali on Tues! soo I am there if you want contact me and I am not online, Send me a message at I am getting rid of Singlendacity89 email soon! I am not cool anymore I have nothing to blog about! lol

I Love yall!!