Friday, July 31, 2009

Drunk Thoughts!

I went to bed last night so mad at myself for a lot of things that happened earlier the night before. I think I lost my mind and then today I got online because I was off today. Took a nap, and then what happened I got drunk. Yes I am drunk and I am blogging. Well not drunk to the point to where I cannot type but drunk enough to just write about some really dumb things I guess.

I want to know where people get off talking stupid things, calling all hours of the freaking night to ask what you are doing? Damnit i am sleep I am trying to get what little bit of rest I am entitled too. Then all of a sudden I hear these words on the phone again for the ummp teenth time. Your frown is amazing, I bet your smile can light up a part of the world, so my first words to him is your a fucking idoit, you have nothing better to do but call with stupid ass one line pieces of bullshit. yeah I said it and I am not feeling bad about it.

Everyone wants to know if Hannah is getting married, why the fuck should you care if I am getting married or not I am not marrying you and you don't have to pay for it if I am. right? Wrong, they still ask, because Blogger is full of rumors.

Is Hannah heart broken? I got an question for you instead of a answer. Is your life that much boring that you need to sit and think about what I do? Is my life or relationships worth more to you than your own... NO hannah is NOT a lesbian, hahaha I think that is so funny, because you never see me with a guy or hear me blogging about him or Her hahahahah you think I am a lesbian you all are full of shit. I mean come'on people.. Why am I so jealous? because I had, key word being HAD a guy that I was crazy about and well I flirted with Jealousy for awhile, well fuck it I still have jealousy in my heart when it comes to him, but hey that is none of your business. I am HAPPY do you fucking hear me? I AM HAPPY!! and if I am sad the only person that really really needs to know are the people that count in my life..

So back to marriage, hmmm NONE of your business. NONE AT ALL! if I want you to know I will send you an email or call you, get it? got it? GOOD!

What is going on with Mayz and I? Again NONE of your Business...
What is wrong with my attitude here lately, again NON of your business are you catching a hold of what I am saying? Everything is none of your business.. I am off limits and if you want to talk to Mayz well I say go to him and question him, I am sure you will get the same NONE of your business.. Ya want something to talk about I will give it to you.

here ya go.
I don't care what people think about me anymore, I am not going to be lil miss goodie 2shoes anymore I am going to me.. I don't want to hear about what my friends and or ex's are doing, I don't care if jimbob jumped off the fucking bridge, I have nothing to do with it. I don't care that I seem to be a timid, confused person to some of yall. I don't care anymore! I used to sit and cry about what people thought of me. I am do skinny, I have everything and I am still not happy, I am going to do this and that, I am at his blog more than yall's well people write about something that I can actually get into, If I want to comment I will if I don't well take it as a blessing, I could just come to your blog and say Hi! like a lot of yall do when you come to mine not reading anything..

I guess that sums it up! I have changed not because of breakups or my fathers death or because I am moving up in the corporate world, I have changed because people will not leave me alone.. I hurt because I started thinking people really cared about me and all they bring me is lies.. and bad new.. That is my heartbreak!!

SO there ya have it people, Nehya, Hannah, or whatever you call me is sane, she just is tired of all this bullshit that float around here, try to get to know me before I am classified as the dumb blonde or you go to others and talk about me, because it comes back to me. yeah, I do have some friends that let me know that my name is going around blogville as the sad, pathetic, stupid blonde.. Newsflash I am not stupid last time I checked I had a 3.4 gpa. Sorry to hurt your feelings.. okay no i am not sorry, but damnit yall hurt my feelings first. but no more.. No more will I go to another person and be mean to them due to information I got from yall so called fucking friends. I have said it many times, I don't think I am going to blog anymore this is my way of letting yall know I am fine. I think I am going to do radio shows for the rest of my life and let yall know I still don't care.. I really don't not anymore and you cannot make me care. Expecpt for the ones that ya know. I love and all that Jazz..... In other news, just for the people that are making me famous in blogville, I think I will move, get married, have wild passionate sex with the next guy I meet on the street, because I am SO FUCKING HEART BROKEN!!

Now be ever so helpful and kind give me another drink of wine!!

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Jay said...

"I think I will move, get married, have wild passionate sex with the next guy I meet on the street..."

Oddly enough I'm standing on the street right outside your place. I'm pretty sure I'll be that guy. hahahaha ;-)

Reality Check said...

Jay, I never see you outside my house, that is qualities of a great stalker!!!

wow I was really condradicting myself I am saying I am going to cheat! lol hahaha I guess.. Omgosh I am "W" hahaha

¶¶¶¶ Zak ¶¶¶¶ said...

u shud ignore the world and live ur life ! its one life my dear pal! live it like me :-)

Mayz said...

i cud kiss ya rite now!!!

i m so lovin this post...n m so glad u finally said it out...

this goes out to all ya lifeless jerks who dont have a life of their own n like pokin ur nose in someone elses business...get the fuck out of hannahs life or u'll b jumpin outta it wid my boot up ur ass!!!

Ria said...

Good answer to the ppl who r so bothered abt whats going on in the other person's life. Live it up girl...and dont bother to answer all those ppl who just dont care about the real u.

Anonymous said...

Zak, and I am going to live this one life the way that I choose! the Ignoring them is on! I am not worried anymore!!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

Nehya is it your blog/post?

I am here for the first time..and I guess I am here at a very wrong time.. :(

all that I can say right now is..

you rock girl..and I luv ya..

Kajal (The Pink Orchid)

Americanising Desi said...

and mannnn was i missing something so steamy :D and fiery!

let it out!
let it out!

i m followin now!

Miss Komal said...

okayyyy .....( * scared * ) , i'll get u some more wine :D

PS: i have no idea about what all u ranted , but its great to let the frustration out.

Happy friendship day and TAKE CARE .

Keshi said...

there r lotsa ppl who always ask me why Im not married 'still' blah blah blah. I can only sympathise with these ppl. Cos they seem to hv nothing else to be HAPPY abt in life. Now how pathetic can it be. lol!


Reality Check said...

Mayz, Some people just don't understand and it is not meant for them to understand... So even tho I was drunk while writing that, I felt and meant every word..

You are wanting to plant that boot seriously! lol


Reality Check said...

RIA, I used to really care what people thought about me, but I know now that it is not worth the time of day!!

My energy level gets really low thinking of ways to make the others see the real me.. I can only be me!

Your comments are always so warm. I am glad you come here!


Reality Check said...

Yes, Kajal it is me! and welcome back! hope you are still wearing that wonderful smile on your face..

Nice to see you here also!


Reality Check said...

AD, My wonderful friend! You got that right NO ONES BIZ!!!

I am NOT worried anymore, I got a new attitude!!

Love you Chick

Reality Check said...

Mrs. Komel, Don't be scared you are not like those people!

And yes I felt better after letting it all out!!

Happy friendship day to you also!!


Reality Check said...

Keshi, I see that all people here in blogville runs out of things to do and then, they see others that are having one and decide to snoop!!

It is going to get better, because I am going to make it better for myself!

thanks for stopping by!