Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 The Hard Way? Or Is It 4? I'm So Confused!!!

So, this blog of mine is like the other side of Nehya that I don't let out very much there is a couple of people that have seen her. Some call her the WILD CHILD! In all actuality she is my THINKING SIDE! Yeah she dont come out unless it is really needed ya know! She can get kinda Red Neck sometimes.. So we keep her put up..

Nehya is like this girl that is really curious and she needs to know answers to a lot of questions, that she really does not need to know, I guess it is the Psychology Major that comes out in her from time to time..

Hannah, She is like the really shy, I love you type of girl that really gets confused a lot. I mean not really confused I think people just don't break things down for me the way I want them to and so Confusion surfaces. Damn Yall Intellectual people!

As I said above The Other side of Nehya which is the true country girl or WILD CHILD.. Does things like 4wheelin, Hunting and She LOVES her guns and she also has a problem when it comes to BLOWING her lid sometimes.. that is why she is not allowed out a lot. She brings a lot of Havoc into situations, but it takes a whole lot to make this side come out.. Give her a pair of Oshkosh and a SHOT GUN in a open field with Deer and BAM! I got PETA pissed off, and maybe anyone else that I don't see while shooting and I get too close. I'm Just saying WEAR your damn Orange vest while out hunting, and if you did and a shot actually got to close, I am sorry blame it on the shift of the wind Please!

What I am trying to say, Is that Hannah, Nehya, and Wild child are all the same people we just like clash sometimes and become enemies. I prefer Nebu the sweet daddies girl that really thinks I can get away with stuff based on a lil pout and flutter of the eye lids.. But that is not working too much here lately so I have to like resort to I don't know I hope the hell you are keeping up cause I am really confused right now.. and well I guess this is Hannah coming out! lol DAMN! what the hell is wrong with me?? haha Okay enough chatter about These girls (they are different, tho they are the same) KEEP UP PEOPLE, Will Ya????

I am going to tell you all next about my NEW DIGS AKA my job and my New CONDO I just bought! HELL YEAH I BOUGHT MY FIRST PLACE!!! But I don't know if I am going to be able to live in it! Gosh I am so confused! lol That is for the next post and I am still at TomatoTomahto.. I really am I am going there now to answer a lot of comments!

See ya!!

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Jay said...

But what do they all have in common? They're all HAWT!

/don't shoot me please ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

We have a lot of deer up here. You can come clean some out. I need to stock my freezer ;)

Mayz said...

i love hannah, nehya n esp d wild side of ya ;)

Reality Check said...

Jay, I promise I will not shoot you! lol and yes I smiled really big at you telling me I'm HOT.. okay "WE" My several other Names! lol


Reality Check said...

MIKE! That is so cool, but I would have to like go through a million tests in order to carry a gun there! lol


Reality Check said...

Mayz, Thank you for that! I love Mayz, Mayank and well The other also!! hahahaha I love ya!!