Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today I slept in before going to the Doctor to get my eyes looked at.. I decided that I am going to have cosmetic surgery.. I am going to have lasik but I am also going to have my eyes reshaped.

I am a eye person and ever since I started having trouble with my eyes I have not been happy with them so I decided I will be blind for like 2-3 weeks in order to look Fab! lol

The queen of "I Love Cosmetic Surgery" went with me (chan) and I think I am going to be happy.. I think I am going to have a great time looking at me. I decided I needed a change, I always think I need a change, maybe it is my esteem? lol I have also been thinking about doing the Miss Kentucky Padget. Gosh I think I am following in someones footsteps and giving in to narcissism.

People, change is alright, Living life to the fullest is something that we all have to do. And to tell you a secret I am fine..Fine being on my own and fine to know that I have accomplished a lot in my life. There are a few things that I am not fine with but in due time I am going to be fine with that also.. Ya know me!

I am going through a very young Midlife crisis and getting ready to be an owner of a 2009 BMW boxster silver in color and well I think I am going to really enjoy it...I dunno what else to write her so I think I will hurry up and get off the blog before I go into a rant mode. lol

Your Dear friend

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Mayz said...

i was searchin for a "like" link on this post...then realized it was not fb but think i need a change too...enuff of being a blonde :P

n all d best for d surgery...n d car is HAWWTT!!!

Reality Check said...

yeah I am just a candidate right now! I have to wait on the specialist.. I would like Brown Eyes Now! lol My eyes have been blue too long! and now I see what you meant by blonde no more..


I am glad you like the car, I will take you for a ride in it!!


Americanising Desi said...

i wish i had the ownership of something like that!

whoooshhh lucky you woman!

at least a car is better to love than a real human!
like seriously!

Ria said...

all the best for the surgery and BMW! wow thats super cool Hannah!! :) Do post the pics of the same.

Jay said...

You don't need cosmetic surgery. You're already amazingly beautiful.

Hawt car!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

congrats on that beauty :)