Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do You Really "NEED" It?

Today I took a walk down memory lane, while I was out shopping with Paul..He said something that reminded me of my daddy.

Ever since I was a small girl, all of my wants and my needs have been met. My dad always made sure that we had it, even if it meant him staying at the office pretty much all night long.

Daddy always used to say, The only thing you really "NEED" is your needs, everything else is a luxury that you get every now and again. Nebaby, Money is something that you have to work really hard for, you will understand when you grow up and finally get a job of your own, you NEED to learn how to hold onto money.

I thought about a lot today, Mostly my needs. I kept on asking myself if my crying, pain and loneliness was something that I needed, and it is.. Surprised I learned this? We need heartache and such sad memories in life sometimes to help us get over other bad humps that we all go through or will eventually go through.. We need loneliness to Love and and cherish the time we have people around us..

Yes, I am 20 years old and I have learned this, not because I wanted too but because I needed to and this life was handed to me. When I think about my daddy I don't think in sadness anymore I think in happiness, because of him I am ready for the next step of my life. When I think about him or think about his words that he used to tell me, I see it as him putting his arms around my shoulders and giving me a pat on my back. I hope everyday with every decision that I make I am making him proud . I have a job that pays well and I am really good at.. I have my own house, car and some great friends that I will carry with me throughout life.

When I approach a situation, whether it is loneliness, sadness or anything other thing I can hear him in my head say Yes Nebaby you do....or the question that always came with my shopping Do You Really Need It?

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Nirmal said...

very good post.

VickY said...

very honest and simple post.
:) hugs ne

Pri said...

nice post :)
it showed me a new perspective to life..thanks!

take care

Reality Check said...

Thanks Nim!!!!

Reality Check said...

And thanks!!

Reality Check said...

Thanks Pri.. it did not sink in then but now I know it to be true!!

ceedy said...

Where are u hiding this Ne - that was a reality check thru and thru - I am proud of ur dad to inculcate this sense of life bearing in you

ceedy said...

On a lighter side what the heck were you shopping for that made u think so much?