Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Can't Sleep Rambles...

I know I have not written anything in such along time and when I do I have been going to My online Journal Hannah's Journal that a lot of you all have stopped by from time to time... But It is 2:04 am and I am up. I sit here for no reasons. I don't know what to type or what to do I am just up. I have tossed and turned alnight.

People I have said many times, I am going to leave the online world. I just don't feel this anymore. I want peace from everything here lately. I want to just I dunno. I have met the worlds most awesome people here in blogville and I have fallen inlove with all of you.. I really have.


Don't you hate it when the people that you hold dear to your heart pretend they don't know you? or hey, I did not see you there... my all time favorite, They don't notice you at all? Well I have decided that I don't want to know such people like that anymore.. I don't want those friendships of Convenience for them. I don't care if you are online or offline. I don't want friends that know me sometimes and hide and or just don't remember me.....

I really want some ice cream right now, maybe that will help me to sleep and stop spilling all of my thoughts right now. I just let things bother me to much. But if I am good to people I have always been told they will be good back to ya. FAT LIE PEOPLE! I have grown so much blogging and just grown so much here lately from what life has taught me.. Life does not let you down, it is the people and or circumstances that we come in contact with that lets you down... beit family or friends or just people that passes by on the street, train, plane anywhere. I want to be one of those people that you remember for having a smile on her face. I am always the type that will hug you or just be there for you to listen to when you need a ear or a shoulder..

I hope I have been there for you, (those of you that have needed me) and those that may one day. Remember me, please, Not with tears, or sadness in my eyes or my voice but remember all the happy chats, phone calls(drunk Dials) I think It is time for me to get from behind this wall (computer screen) and make a life for myself. Stop drudging the past and carrying it around with me.. Maybe one day when you hear the name Hannah, Ne or Nehya you will say She was a great person... I hope so..

I am not saying I will not be around from time to time. But I will get out more. I will meet new people and I will leave the past, but remember all the sweet memories. I have a lil unfinished business to handle.. I will be blogging from time to time at one of my places just to update.. and you know I will farm on farmville.. Work is taking all of my time, and my eyes cannot stand to be infront of this bright light all the time... I love you all

Hannah, Ne, NeNe,, Nehya (watever it is you want to call me!) haha